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how google cloud is better for small business than aws

AWS is currently the biggest cloud player in the market. However, you should also look at the Google Cloud Platform before moving your applications to the cloud. In some areas, Google Cloud Platform is better than AWS. Thus, GCP might be perfect for your business.
We have compared the AWS and Google Cloud in this article. It will help you in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of these platforms.

1. Features

GCP is currently offering more than 95 cloud services. They are going to increase this in the future. Currently, AWS Is offering more than 200 cloud services. Many of these services are important for large organizations. Also, if you have specific cloud environments, then you might need to work with AWS.
Google Cloud is offering all the core services that businesses need. Thus, normal businesses don’t need to worry about advanced services.
Google Cloud is also offering flexibility to their users. AWS is offering limited customization options to its users.

2. Pricing

Google is offering lower costs when compared to other cloud platforms. They are offering various discounted programs to their users. Thus, you can save some money by using GCP. You can compare the GCP discount program with AWS on-demand program.
Your price will be reduced if you are using your VMs more. You don’t need to worry about any upfront costs for achieving this discount. Also, you don’t need to reserve any instances.
If you have a large amount of data, then you can save more than 20% of your money by using GCP. The database service price is also very affordable. Google is currently the leader in container services. They are investing heavily in ML and AI technologies.

3. Free Tiers

Both Google Cloud and AWS are offering free tiers to new users. Thus, many new businesses are testing their services. AWS has divided its free package into several categories. You can use some services for 30 days only. Also, they are offering some services for 12 months. Some AWS services are free for a lifetime. Thus, the period will ultimately depend on the service that you want to test.
GCP wants to keep this simple. They are offering free tiers on 24 services and products. However, these tiers have some consumption limits. You can’t exceed these consumption needs. If you need access to more resources, then you can buy their package
Most of the services provided in the free tier package are the same. Google is also offering $300 in credit to their users. You can use this credit on any service you want. This is not a big amount for large enterprises. However, it is enough to test Google Cloud services. You can actually try the cloud services before buying them.