About Us

Business Brain Squad under the legal name "The Critical Minds" is a one-point solution to what a Public figure and Professional needs. In our journey so far, we have helped the voice of many debutants and professional CA, Authors, Artists, public figures and politicians and many more.

Our innovative and attractive Platforms help public figures and professionals to get the desired recognition and monetization from the very first day of their release.

Business Brain Squad under the legal name 'The Critical Minds' is the only platform which provides all the services needed by Professional, Public figures & Entrepreneurs to boost their careers and online presence. We are different and we do display some literary sense and order in what we make, review or promote and the way we conduct our digital service. Sure, we use this website for our work; however, the mechanism that is involved in the backend of The Critical Minds is phenomenal, if we may say so. We work with the hope that we bring a smile to the face which inspire many others.